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Movable Lament Configuration
"Working Star"
(Telescope Mechanism)

Each movable star puzzle box are made with "Mahogany and Makassar Ebony wood". The Lament panels are made from .007 inch brass. The box itself is 3 inch in length, height & width - just like in the movies.
The metal telescope mechanism hold the two cube parts together. You can raise the second part, rotate it clockwise to the star position and move it down to solve the box.
It's the second function to solve the box and perhaps the second gateway for opening unbelievable desires. (Hellraiser movie)

Forget any "Movable Star Puzzle Boxes" which you have seen before!
Our movable star configuration are made with real precision and have smallest distances!
You will only find a movable star configuration in this condition at!
Take a look of the movable star puzzle box in build process.

Watch some Videos

Pictures are of one of my past creations.

Movable Working Box - V3 - Star
Made with Mahogany and Makassar Ebony.
Panels: etched brass.

Sorry we are back to 6-9 mth. Backorder on all movable boxes.

€40 S&H

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