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Mikko R. (FIN) - 30.06.2017
I received the box today.
And what a truly wonderful piece of art it is.
Thank you!

Jenny F. (USA) - 22.02.2017
We received our Movable Star Hellraiser box today, and I wanted to let you know it is absolutely stunning! My husband is a computer systems engineer, and I got your gorgeous box for him as a birthday present. He is thoroughly impressed with the precision and craftsmanship of the puzzle box, and this is the first time I have ever heard him use the word "beautiful" to describe a present I have gotten him (he is not prone to descriptive words like beautiful).
Thank you so much for creating such unique art. The fact that the box is handmade is abundantly apparent in its exceptional quality, which shows in every aspect.
Jenny F.

Caesar B. (UK) - 23.10.2016
With regard to the original-style, solid Hellraiser puzzle box that I ordered: I am absolutely delighted with it! It now takes pride of place on my vintage aluminium trunk coffee table.
Kind regards,
Caesar B.

Scott H. (USA) - 13.09.2016
Thank you for the beautiful handcrafted Leviathan! It has always been something I have wanted. Beautiful work. I have been circling your site for a few years, and this limited edition made me pull the trigger finally! I know I will almost 99% be purchasing from you again when I need the definitive Lament box! (Plus you have so much other cool stuff!). Thanks again, and see you on the next one!

Liron G. (ISRAEL) - 06.01.2015
I've just received the box and it's absolutely gorgeous. It was suppose to be a gift and now I want it for myself. Thanks a lot for this beautiful piece of art! :)

Marcio S. A. N. (BRA) - 21.07.2014
I never ever saw an Static Hellraiser Box so beautiful in my life as this one you made for me. Man, I cried when I saw it. Perfect, Perfect, Perfect. The wood, the panels, the COA, everything. I would like to thank you very much from my heart, deeply.
God bless you, thanks again...

Alex B. (UK) - 18.11.2013
I received the box, it is amazing, worth the wait! thank you.

Aaron (USA) - 18.07.2013
Just received my Lament Configuration today. It's beautiful!
Thank you so much.

Paul T. (UK) - 13.07.2013
Hi Thomas,
I received my Sphere today and am thoroughly delighted with it. The craftsmanship and quality is excellent, thanks very much! I will definately be in touch to order a Movable Pyramid version in the future.
Thanks again.
Paul T.

Thomas B. (BRD) - 24.04.2013
Hallo Thomas, die Sphere ist gestern bei mir angekommen. Perfektes Timing, pünktlich zum Geburtstag :-) Sie ist wirklich sehr gelungen. Ich bin absolut zufrieden. Nicht nur mit der Sphere, sondern mit allen Anfertigungen. Aber neben all dem Lob, möchte ich hiermit auch einfach nochmal Danke sagen:
für die tolle Arbeit und für den netten Kontakt/Service. Ich werde dich uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen :-)
Grüße Thomas

Sott F. (UK) - 28.03.2013
Hi Thomas,
I received my Hellraiser box today and am absolutely overwhelmed by the sheer quality and workmanship! It is absolutely amazing, I am really pleased with it! Thank you so much for your hard work and amazing skill!
Kind regards,
Scott F.

Graham B.(UK) - 29.11.2012
Hi Tom...just a quick e-mail to let you know the 'Moveable Star, Working Box' arrived safely and actually came one week early... just in time for Christmas...i am pleased to find the box finished to such a high standard of quality...and operating with is a rare thing to find such craftsmanship in this modern world of mass production...
thank you. G.E.B.

René K. (NL) - 14.09.2012
Dear Tomas,
Thanks a lot for the black box it looks amazing real nice craftmenship. (with kind regards)

Jeremy S. (USA) - 15.06.2012
Good Afternoon Thomas:
i wanted to send you an email, and let you know this is an amazing work of art, and its better than i expected.
thanks again and have a great day

Ian B.(UK) - 18.01.2012
I have just recieved the star configuration hellraiser box in the post. It was brought for my girlfriend who is a huge hellraiser fan and she loved it. Thankyou very much for your time and work on this lovely piece.
yours sincerely

Frank D.(FRG) - 12.01.2012
die Box kam heute an.
Vielen Dank, das Ding ist klasse! :-)

Todd B. (USA) - 15.07.2011
Hello again Thomas. Just letting you know that I received the #2 Leviathan replica today in the mail, I have to tell you I am just speechless.I absolutley adore it, what a piece of ART! I just couldnt be happier, and I thank you very much.

Teora W. (AUS) - 12.07.2011
Received my fiancees jewelry box and am very impressed with your product. It's absolutely beautiful! Thank you.

William M. (UK) - 18.06.2011
Thank you so much for the schematics they are truly awesome. Again your craftsmanship is second to none. I will highly recommend your work to others and look forward to doing further business with you in the future.
Many thanks

Ad V. (UK) - 02.03.2011
Received my 'Movable Star' today. It is quite special. The claim "Our movable star configuration are made with real precision and have smallest distances!" is absolutely correct. It fits snugly and eases apart with a perfect fit. This is not a 'mass-produced' disappointment, it is a significant piece of craftsmanship.
Thanks & best Wishes,

Ben W. (AUS) - 24.12.2010
Received 3 cubes today! Thanks again mate cubes are great quality very nice.
And thanks for the combined shipping.

Richard T. (USA) - 14.12.2010
Very pleased with the item, excellent attention to detail, very profesionally created.
Many Thanks again.
Richard T.

William M. (UK) - 29.11.2010
Thank you so much for the leviathan configuration puzzle box, your craftsmanship is second to none. The piece is quite frankly beautiful, even the stand is wonderfully crafted. Your products are outstanding and again I thank you for your efforts. I look forward to the next time we do busines in the future because I would definately and whole heartedly recommend your work to anyone and everyone.
Thanks again.
Kind regards
William M.

Cornelius S. (FRG) - 16.11.2010
Die Box ist wirklich sehr schön gemacht! Vielen Dank.
Mit freundlichen Grüssen
Cornelius S.

Tim O. (USA) - 01.10.2010
It is MAGNIFICENT! Thank you so very very much for the adept skill which you applied to this masterpiece!!! It is beyond words as are my feelings.
I do mean that.

Roland L. (UK) - 24.09.2010
Just a quick email to say thanks for the box which arrived safely. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and the box surpassed my expectations being so well made and presented, really impressive.
All the best

Rick S. (NL) - 04.09.2010
Received the box today, thanks a million, a very well made and excellent looking box. Love the display stand that comes with it. Would recommend you to other people that are looking for the same product. Thanks again.
Rick S.

Gabriele S. (IT) - 13.07.2010
Good morning, your cube arrived, is fantastic, perfect, very professional.
Many thanks and best regards

Tom V.D.J. (BE) - 12.04.2010
Man, this one is much, much better than the one from [another shop]
I already had. The brass panels are much more detailed, and I love the dark grain of the wood. The overall finish is also much finer. I'm very happy with it. It's well worth it's money
(if you have that money to spend,
that is ;-).
Kind regards, Tom

James M. (USA) - 12.04.2010
The movable pyramid work is absolutely stunning. Exactly as advetised. To create something this incredible in just a few short weeks, is mind-blowing. Packaged beautifully, COA and the little stand were a great addition as well.
You're the man!
Regards, James

Andreas G. (FRG) - 28.03.10
Hallo, ich habe die Ware erhalten, ist absolut Super.
Vielen Dank
Grüße aus Bayern
Andreas G.

Andrew R. (UK) - 18.02.10
My Lament box arrived today and I am sending you this to say a big 'Thank You'. The workmanship is excellent and the box looks amazing. I am very pleased with it and I have got it displayed in a Crystal Glass Dome on a revolving stand to show it off properly. At some stage, I will probably be ordering a working 'Pyramid Box', when I have the money!
Thanks again, Best Wishes, Andrew

Stefan R. (FRG) - 30.11.09
Alles Bestens!Gerne wieder!! Super Verarbeitung!!

Diana L. (NL) - 11.04.09
I received the package. I'm very happy with the schematics.

Frank M. (FRG) - 07.11.09
Das "Material" kam heute an. WOW kann ich nur sagen es sieht wirklich Hammer aus, Dank dir recht herzlich!

Knut P. (FRG) 03.11.09
Alles bestens, einfach TOP Ware, vielen dank ... weiter so

Udo K. (FRG) - 30.10.09
Alles bestens, top Ware Blitzversand. Gerne wieder.

Paul T. (UK) - 20.10.09
Recommended seller, thanks.

Greg K. (USA) - 01.09.09
I recieved the panels yesterday and they are absolutly beautiful
thank you.

Skip M. (USA) - 04.07.09
fast shipping from far away! puzzle box is awesome, the best i have seen. thanks

Akira M. (JPN) - 28.12.08
The Moving Box arrived from you. This is great. When I opened this box at first, I was surprised. And you wrote serial number in the box, this is great. You are real modern

Thorsten H. (FRG) - 04.09.08
Der Würfel ist heute angekommen. Absolut klasse, das gute Stück!
Bin wirklich sehr davon angetan.
Habe längere Zeit überlegt, ob ich mir eine günstige Plastik Version der Box kaufe oder lieber etwas mehr investiere und dafür Qualität bekomme. Und es hat sich wie es sich zeigt, doch gelohnt!
Nochmal vielen Dank für die sehr schnelle Lieferung.
Gruss, Thorsten

Dennis K. (UK) - 16.10.07
stunning! most beautiful box ever! worth every penny! fast ship!
thank you! A+++

T. H. (SE) - 17.08.07
I recived the working pyramid puzzlebox today and i´m very pleased with it....! Exellent handywork and quallity - Thanks!
I did have some difficulties opening the box at first..but i did manage to "solve the box" ha ha!
Thanks once again for your wonderful work on my puzzlebox.
Keep up the good work!
Best Regards, Torbjörn

Todd P. (USA) - 29.06.07
Beautiful Item....hope to do business with this seller again!!

Dennis K. (USA) - 29.06.07
Fantastic piece to add to my collection,very pleased repeat customer, Thank you!

Dennis K. (USA) - 13.06.07
Beautiful box,perfectly packaged,smooth transaction,great seller, Thank you!!!!

Jeff W. (UK) - 11.06.07
Great item, many thanks.

David W. (USA) - 30.07.05
Smooth transaction. Quick delivery. Excellent to deal with! Beautiful work!

Ryan S. (USA) - 16.06.05
Item arrived in perfect state. trusted & serious seller AA++++

Adam F. (USA) - 24.05.02
AWESOME product awesome service!! AAA+

Kristina V. (UK) - 08.08.01
A very smooth and easy transaction. A brilliant item and highly rated. Thankyou.

Updated: 03-10-2019 is proud to present movable and static lament configuration puzzle boxes, spheres and leviathans.
Each puzzle box is unique and handmade with the puzzle box know-how since 1989 by the "toymaker" Norfok™, the home and only place worldwide from the "Movable Pyramid Configuration".

NO resin, foam, goldfoil or anything in this cheap case will be used!
The cubes has NOT been colored, stained or treated, it is natural color and wood grain is beautifully visible under the panels, and the priapus face panels are always placed on makassar ebony! Only the beech wood "Sphere" is stained darkbrown.

Our boxes are recommended by Gary J. Tunnicliffe!

The panels are made from .007 inch brass or stainless steel and are 3 inches square. All six sides being completely different. The leviathan panels are made from .007 inch stainless steel and they are in dimensions exactly like in the movie. All panels were made by a professional chemical milling company in germany and have been fully etched through from both sides. This process gives them perfectly smooth edges with no imperfections.

The panels have been attached to the box securely and will not come off (Peeling). The box are also shielded with a clear special lacquer to protect the box and the panels from oxidation and scratches.

Each box has a serial number and comes with signed certificate of authenticity which certifies that you got an unique masterpiece made by Norfok™

Note: Each static or movable box, sphere and leviathan are unique and are made to order especially for you.

The panels are standard orientated like in the movie "Hellraiser" (1987).
But just as you wish it's also possible to orient the panels like in:

Hellraiser II - Hellbound
Hellraiser III - Hell on Earth
Hellraiser IV - Bloodline
Hellraiser V - Inferno
Hellraiser VI - Hellseeker
Hellraiser VII - Deader
Hellraiser VIII - Hellworld

Orientations are taken from screenused boxes!

Payments: PayPal only

Don't hesitate to pre-order and save the ultimate box for your collection.
Any questions? Contact me


.................................... Doug Bradley (Pinhead) signed a box from at Monster-Mania 2011 NJ












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